Iron Annie Wellblech 5878-4 Herren Armbanduhr Chronograph

Artikelnummer: 5878-4

Die legendäre JU52 der Lufthansa wurde von ihrem Vorbesitzer Iron Annie genannt. Das markante Flugzeug besitzt eine wellblechartige Außenverkleidung und diese ist die Referenz für den Herrenchronographen Iron Annie 5878-4 der Serie Wellblech. Nur selbst fliegen ist schöner als diese Uhr.

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The small grassy airfield on which the Iron Annie with Hugo Junkers drove for the first time takes off when the men's chronograph Iron Annie 5878-4 is considered. The bright cowhide leather strap is just as much a part of it as the classic mushroom button and the corrugated crown of the stainless steel housing, as the dial, which is shaped like a corrugated iron, shows the time, date and complications of the chronograph. The bottom of the chronograph engraved with a JU52 protects the proven Miyota quartz caliber 6S20 with start-stop function, date, totalizer for 1/1 second, small second and small minute and large creeping seconds. K1 safety glass makes the 42 mm Ø, 12 mm high and 73 g weighing chronograph waterproof up to 100 m depth. But with this classically beautiful chronograph, "man" wants to rise rather than dive.