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When everyone in Europe reveled in Art Nouveau,...

When everyone in Europe reveled in Art Nouveau, which gave priority to curved, playful elements in the design, Walter Gropius founded an art school in Weimar in 1919, the state Bauhaus. At the Bauhaus he brought together the visual, applied and performing arts. This gave rise to a formal language that is still trend-setting in every design area today. This is also the case in watchmaking. Wristwatches from the Bauhaus brand have their own style, which can be described with the term objective dynamic. In Bauhaus wristwatches, time is shown, but not pampered. The wristwatches have an inconspicuous elegance, which is characterized by the clear lines. Understatement, paired with a cleverly chosen color scheme or color combination of dial, hands, indices and bracelet. Technically, Bauhaus wristwatches are literally state of the art, with the associated complications of one or the other model reminiscent of the founding of the Bauhaus over 100 years ago. In Bauhaus wristwatches, the principles of the art school are combined with modern watch design to create high-quality timepieces that adapt to every occasion and situation.

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