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The watch brand Bulova has always stood for...

The watch brand Bulova has always stood for high-quality wristwatches for men and women in a classic design, combined with precise movement technology according to Swiss tradition.

It was Joseph Bulova who, as a Bohemian immigrant, set up his own watchmaker in New York at the end of the 19th century. He imported his watch movements from Switzerland, developed and built the cases himself. He was considered a pioneer of watchmaking and with his visions and his ingenious inventiveness he created the basis for the development of fully automatic watches. When the demand for his watches increased enormously at the beginning of the 20th century, he moved his company's headquarters to Biel in Switzerland. He was supported by his son. In the 80s of the last century, his company went to the Japanese company Citizen.

Due to the impressive quality, NASA, for example, became aware of the watch brand. For example, during one of the first lunar walks a stopwatch of this brand was used.

High quality and timeless design for all occasions

A wristwatch by Bulova still lends its wearer an aura of technological pioneering spirit combined with a classic attitude. The ladies love both the sporty and the elegant style. The design, quality and reliability of each watch are second to none. In any case, the traditional brand always comes into play when it comes to satisfying high expectations.

The offer is broad today. Especially in the men's segment it scores with its versatility and numerous product ranges. Here's something for every taste. Sporty men with a sense of functionality prefer, for example, the models "Sea King", "Marine Star" or "Military". Here dominate dark colors and clearly defined lines. The housings are made of sturdy stainless steel. The bracelets convince with a sporty look in stainless steel or leather. The automatic watches are rounded off by various features such as stopwatch, calendar and seconds, etc. If a classic design is more important, the model "Diamond" will prefer. For the particularly sophisticated wearer of a wristwatch the "Precisionist" is made. This is suitable for occasions of all kinds and offers in addition to the usual functions, the ability to accurately measure the time up to 1/1000 sec.

In the women's segment, the brand scores with filigree elegance. The dials are partly pearly, partly mixed with diamonds. Here, too, emphasis is placed on the best quality and highest wearing comfort.

Why in the long run, there is no way around a watch of this brand?

The advantages are apparent. High quality, best workmanship and traditional precision craftsmanship combine perfectly and give the wearer a sovereign appearance on every occasion and at any time. Great emphasis is also placed on the selection of processed materials. Only in this way can a long service life and untroubled enjoyment of wearing be guaranteed.

In times of smartwatch and time display on a mobile device, the traditional house has the same rules as it did over 100 years ago. The principles of good craftsmanship, innovative spirit and impressive watch technology are still among the guidelines by which these watches are made. Only then is it possible to offer the extraordinary. Quite a matter of course, which was already revealed by the founder of this well-known watch manufacturer over many years and across many borders.

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